How To: Prepare a storm shelter

Prepare a storm shelter

Depending on where you live, you will have to prepare for the hazards from different types of natural disasters. You can sleep easy if you have a secure location, stalked with food and supplied you might need if there is an emergency.

Don't panic when the skies turn dark – this guide will have you prepared for the worst weather mother nature can dish out.

You Will Need

* Food
* Water
* A manual can opener
* Extra clothing
* Blankets
* Shoes
* Medication
* Toiletries
* A first aid kit
* A flashlight
* A radio
* Batteries
* Baby food and diapers (optional)

Step 1: Assess risks

Assess the greatest risks for your area, which may include flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, or winter storms.

Step 2: Choose a room

Choose an interior room without windows and with the most distance between you and the outside.

Choose a top floor room in an area prone to floods or hurricanes and a basement or cellar in tornado zones

Step 3: Store food and water

Store nonperishable food and water for three days and don't forget a manual can opener.

Step 4: Gather extra clothing and blankets

Collect clothing, blankets, weather gear, and shoes. Since a storm can strike suddenly, don't count on wearing the proper clothing every moment.

Step 5: Stockpile medications and toiletries

Stockpile medications and toiletries, especially antibacterial products.

Remember to store baby food and plenty of diapers in the storm shelter if you have a baby at home.

Step 6: Get a first-aid kit

Get a first-aid kit that includes bandages, gauze, tape, a sterilizing agent, sterile equipment, and latex gloves.

Step 7: Buy flashlights, a radio, and batteries

Buy flashlights, a battery operated radio, and enough batteries to run both in an emergency.

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